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    That might not be your IT band halfhazzard, your description sounds a little too low, maybe someone with more anatomy education than I have could help you out.

    As for my IT band issues, I haven't had any for a long time. I get knee pains now and then, but it's nothing compared to when I started this tread. I discovered a few form flaws that I mostly corrected by going pure barefoot for about 8 months. Adding more knee bend, relaxing, and adding a bit of foot flair was the key. Once I had things figured out, I carefully transitioned back to shoes for my longer and tougher trail runs. All is well now, except for my PF (that could be another fellowship).


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    I've thought that as well. It stops hurting the day or two after a run if I decided to slug it out. No pain at all. That's why I don't think it's anything serious.
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    I got it band pain about 5 months ago after hiking too much too soon. It seems minor. I can do stairs and short hikes with no problem. But it starts to hurt after more than 6 miles of walking. That's almost more frustrating considering how long it has kept me from hiking.

    I took a lot of time off which did nothing, then I did a regiment of hip strengthening which did nothing, and left me very frustrated. I finally went to a physical therapist who pushed me to foam roll more than I had been.

    I have found a lot of tightness along the lower half of my it band and a big bump at the half way point. Any one have the same thing? It feels like I'm rolling over a small muscle, but i don't see any horizontally oriented muscles when i look at pictures of leg anatomy.

    When doing squats I noticed that the medial side of my knee cap felt tight and my knee was moving medially as I squatted. I could feel my lateral thigh and it band tighten as that happened. So, now I'm rolling the inside of my thigh.

    This has been a long and frustrating journey. Hopefully I've found a solution in ramping up my foam rolling. And hopefully someone might get closer to solving their ITBS from reading the posts here. It has been great to hear that I'm not alone with this problem and get bits of wisdom here.


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    Good news, i believe i am on the right track to beating this annoyance (which first started in 2011).
    I tried everything, rolling, stretching, and even went to physical therapy.
    physical therapy kicked me off in the right direction...i don't roll or stretch anymore.
    Just been killing the pistol squats and hip abductor machine at the gym...so much, that i no longer need a belt to wear some of the cargo shorts where i previously needed to...lol.
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