Central Ohio: Memorial Day Hike

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    BRS member Lee Parker is here in Central Ohio over Memorial
    Day weekend attending the Knap-in at Flint Ridge east of

    We thought we'd do a barefoot hike on Memorial Day at Blackhand

    We're planning on meeting at the Blackhand Gorge Parking lot
    at 9:30am on Monday, Memorial Day. I expect us to be done
    by maybe 11:30, so if you have afternoon plans for the day
    you still may be able to fit in the hike.

    We haven't quite determined which trail to hike yet, but
    figure that can wait until we all meet at the parking lot.

    If anybody is interested in joining us let us know.

    The official page for Blackhand Gorge is here:
    and you can see the brochure with the location of the parking
    lot here (don't trust Google; if you plan to use Google, make
    it send you to the Toboso Elementary School, which is across
    the street from the parking lot, more or less):
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    Dang another meetup I'll miss, as I am working today. Hope you have a nice hike!


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