Muscles help give you a spring in your step

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    Muscles help give you a spring in your step
    Anna Salleh, ABC

    This is the first study to show that muscles in the feet help support the arch of the foot (Source: ValuaVitaly/iStockphoto)

    New evidence about the active role muscles play in the foot could have implications for the design of running shoes and the debate on barefoot running, say researchers.

    It could also provide insights into rehabilitation, prosthetics, robotics and our understanding of the evolution of bipedalism in humans, says Dr Glen Lichtwark, an exercise scientist at the University of Queensland.

    He and colleagues publish their findings today in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

    Everyone knows that muscles are very important in moving our legs, says Lichtwark, but muscles in the foot have been relegated to a less important role. To continue reading, please visit:


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    It's good to see more scientific research being done into how the foot and lower leg actually functions during movement rather than from a static perspective. Hopefully it is the barefoot running movement that has prompted these studies and eventually this will trickle down into mainstream consciousness.


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    And stoked to see it being done here in Australia!
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