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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by Barefoot Larry, Apr 6, 2010.

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    Barefoot Meet Suggestions Welcome [IMG]


  2. Barefoot Scott Barefooters

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    Barefoot Scott from the VA Chapter here. I'll be in Asheville 6/1-6/2 and could go for a run 6/1 evening or 6/2 early morning, if anyone interested, despite the heat and on such short notice.
  3. youzer Barefooters

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    Barefoot running several months now really enjoying it. Would like to know if there are any groups in the Greensboro NC area. Thanks Scott H.
  4. Barefoot Josh Mountain Man Barefooters

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    No groups, but there's a couple of barefooters nearby. I run with the Blueliners every Saturday morning I can. They meet at the tennis court parking lot in Country Park, 730am start time.
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    Hi all,

    I'm a freelance writer for the science and technology page of the Charlotte Observer and the Raleigh News and Observer. Also a longtime recreational runner. I’m writing a story on the barefoot/minimalist running boom and efforts to reduce running injuries, featuring ongoing research by two physical therapists at UNC Chapel Hill (Dr. Mike Gross and Don Goss).

    Would anyone in the NC Chapter be willing to chat about how long you've been running barefoot, how many miles, what got you into it, etc.? It should take about 20 minutes.

    Thanks for considering it, -CuriousRunnerGirl (aka Robin Smith)


    email: http://robinannsmith.com/
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    Hi Robin, I grew up in Statesville (north of Charlotte) and have been living in France since 1993. If you're OK with this unconventional arrangement, I might be able to help... Heck, I even make it back to take care of my folks, usually twice a year, and yes, I run barefoot in Statesville ;-)

    In a nutshell - I'm president of the BRS French section which I founded this past May, which is on the verge of becoming BRS's largest foreign chapter. I've been barefooting for exactly one year, and currently run about 80% unshod, out of a weekly mileage of 50-60 kilometers. I'll be barefooting several major running events here in Paris in the next months, including the Paris 20K and a semi-marathon in the greater Paris area.

    I'd be delighted to answer some questions, if you're game - a Skype session is probably the best option...

    Best regards,

    Christian "Barefooteur" Harberts


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