Ultimate Direction Signature Series Scott Jurek Vest

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by jjhenry, Mar 16, 2013.

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    I wanted to find a pack that would hold my VFFs or huaraches while I build up my barefoot mileage in preparation for my first barefoot half marathon. My previous pack was a Fuel Belt waist belt holding four 8 oz bottles and with some storage space in the back.

    I decided to get the Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek model, which is the middle in their Signature Series of vests. As a larger fellow, the SJ model in the Large size is the only one that fit my girth well. it has two pockets on the breast for 20 oz bottles, plus a two main pockets in the back; one of which has straps to hold an water pouch for additional hydration. there are other small pockets around the vest to hold gels, electrolytes, etc. I find the small side pouches are perfect for a cellphone and id wallet, as well as tweezers and some alcohol wipes.


    Here is my load for todays 13 mile run. My size 47 VFFs just fit in the main pouch. I only use one bottle for this distance, and use the other bottle pocket for Clif Bloks.

    This was my third run in the vest, and I'm quite impressed. It is very light and very comfortable. The main pockets are a combination stretchy fabric and cuben (sp?) fiber, that is very light weight, yet strong. The vest does not slide around at all during the run. The two chest straps stay cinched; they didn't slide loose.


    My only concern was how it would be having the bottles up front and up higher than a waist belt. While the sloshing is definitely there, it was fairly easy to tune out, and when I did notice it, it was a nice rhythmic accompaniment. I liked having the bottles up front; with my Fuel Belt, I sometimes would drop a bottle trying to put them in the back holsters. Not an issue with the vest.

    While designed for ultra running, it is very serviceable as a shorter distance pack allowing you to carry enough for more eventualities than a shod runner might need. It is a bit pricey at $125 MSRP, but I think this will last for some time, and it gives me the piece of mind to have footwear on hand if I should need them and not have to carry them.

    Weight: 5
    Comfort: 5
    Fit: 5
    Durability: 5 (so far. The quality of the seams seems quite good.)
    Performance: 5
    Design: 5
    Aesthetics: 5 (some might not like the front bottles, but I find it very convenient.)
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    Thanks for the info. I've found myself in both the situation of wishing I had something to put on while on a long run, but also of having to carry my shoes in my hand on occasions when I decided I didn't want/need them. I've even ended up stashing my shoes on the side of a road or trail and had to come back later for them. This vest looks like a bit much for a short run but definitely worth looking into as an option for longer distances. Thanks again.


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    Hey! what's my Garmin doing in your pile of stuff? ;)
    Nice review I like the looks of it.


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    Thanks for your description of this vest. I have been searching for something like this for quite a while. I run trails and roads here in the Pacific Northwest and have had problems finding ways to carry my "stuff". I saw this series of vest and was quite impressed... but, they are rather expensive. Reading your review makes it easier for me to justify the expenditure. I have so many belts, etc, in closet that just didn't work out. :) I love running BF, but, as you know, sometimes the path requires a little protection. Tying my VFFs or huaraches to my body was awkward at best. Now that I am setting my sites for longer trail runs, it would be nice to have a better way to tote my gear. Thanks once more for helping make a decision to this line of gear.

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