Run in Cary, Apex, or Holly Springs

Discussion in 'Chapters' started by deviantrunner, Jun 5, 2014.

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    Anyone up for a run really soon? My last long run was the Rock and Roll Marathon in Raleigh back in April and I have been moving kind of slow ever since.

    Where and how often are you running?

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  2. Adolfo Neto Barefooters

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    Hi, I live inRaleigh. Once in a while I run with the North Carolina Roadrunners Club in their social runs. There is another barefoot runner that goes to NCRC Social Runs

    I try to run 5 days each week.

    I have run the RnR too. In shoes (Newton MV2), unfortunately.

    As I don't have a car, I am quite limited to the places I can run. I like to go to Meredith College and from there choose a Greenway. House Creek Trail is excellent.


  3. Phil Hart Barefooters
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    I'm up for a run, but I'm recovering from a torn piriformis muscle that has me running slow and short (3-4 miles max). I'm in Fuquay, which is a great place for BF running. I also lost some sole conditioning on my toes while taking 6 weeks off from running to help the healing process; I walked BF a ton, which kept up the conditioning on the balls and heels of my feet, but the toes seemed to still get soft on me.


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