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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by Supersco82, Jul 10, 2014.

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    Hey all,

    I'm just getting back into running after a loooong absence. I've been wearing minimalist shoes (Altra, Lems, Tune) for several months now and have been seeing a reduction in foot and leg pain.

    I want to start running again and this time I want to do it barefoot. Problem is I live in the OKC metro (Edmond currently - looking for houses elsewhere) so there's not a lot of wide open grass space.

    Since I haven't run in years and have never run barefoot, I've been taking barefoot walks of around a mile. I've jogged very slowly for a couple hundred yards like twice. But I don't like running on concrete and am actually pretty scared of injuring myself on it. Where do you guys run if you live in the city?
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