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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by Mjsull, Nov 4, 2010.

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    It looks like my timing is perfect for discovering the Barefoot Runners Society and its Las Vegas Chapter. It's wierd how you find things in this modern technology age. I was reading a New york Times article on my iPhone about the New York Marathon. The article was titled "Running Shorts, Singlet. Shoes?" and was about BFR. It contained a link to the BRS and voila I discovered that the Las Vegas Chapter.

    I've been an avid recreational runner since high school. Always enjoyed jogging and the occasional 5 or 10k races. I'm from San Francisco and have been doing the Bay To Breakers since the early 1980's. 6 years ago when I hit 50 I started running marathons and will be doing my 10th this year at the LVMarathon in December. I'll be running it barefoot and with my VFFs.

    It's cool to see the 4 brothers that share BFR as an interest. I run occasional with siblings and nieces/nephews when they vist but haven't gotten any of them interested in BFR yet.

    I'll be spreading the word about this chapter and look forward to meeting everyone at upcoming runs.

    One last tidbit about me I'm also a Hash House Harrier. If you don't know what the Hash is feel free to ask me about it.


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    Welcome to the group. I look forward to everyone getting together. I am familiar with the Hashers but I would like to know more. We will have to chat about it.


    ET Thompson


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