Mileage reporting 17th week 2014

Discussion in 'Mileage Reporting' started by Larry, Apr 21, 2014.

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    45 min walk with dags. i know now i can't take the old guy to the track. he just takes off.


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    Able to run several times this week, all in VFF (though today my feet really wanted to be free...soon enough, the mild weather is here).
    Calves are a bit sore today from a faster pace (8.5km @ 5:44/km) and possibly too much forefoot landing...oh well, I'll refine.
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    Today no workout because its my sons birthday (well, his birthday party). Oh, but I've decided on a couple of big (for me) trail races I'm gonna sign up for next year. One's a 20k and the other is a 25k. The 25k has over 3000 feet of elevation gain and will be a blast. I have a couple friends that say they want to run it with me. The 25k race also has a 50k so I figure if I like the 25k maybe in a few years I will try the 50k (over 6000 feet if elevation gain!). Doing an ultra is on my bucket list and there are several cool ones here in OR that I am looking at. :)
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