[May 4, 2014] IBRD 2014 Adelaide (Grange)

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IBRD 2014 Adelaide
Start Date: May 4, 2014 10:30 AM
End Date: May 4, 2014 11:30 AM
Time zone: Australia/Adelaide +09:30 CST

Grange Jetty
489, Esplanade
Grange 5022

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  1. Neil_D Chapter Presidents

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    A short 4km course on smooth flat concrete and a small section of brick paving then relax those feet by running back along the beach.
    All welcome, barefoot and minimalist runners. Lets hope the Autumn weather is kind to us.

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  2. Neil_D Chapter Presidents

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    Might have one of the MovNat trainers turning up for the Grange run next week.
    I had a chat with him last week to find about the sessions he is running. I'm thinking of giving the Intro session a go. I think it will make a good compliment to my barefoot running.
    Hopefully my back will be good by next Sunday and the rain will hold off.
  3. Neil_D Chapter Presidents

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    Aug 30, 2010
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    The International Barefoot Running Day 2014 saw our small group gather at the Grange Jetty on the Sunday morning.
    Earlier in the week I had the fears the run would be a washout similar to what we experienced around 4 years ago, May can be a fickle time of year when it comes to weather.
    As it happened the run was sandwiched between two days of inclement weather. At the end of the week and up to Saturday it was cold, wet and windy. Sunday was calm and sunny then the rain returned for Monday, good fortune indeed.
    Our small group of myself, Cathy, David and Michael was this year joined by Zac Cook who is a certified MovNat trainer.
    Our run was a short 4km out along the pavement from Grange Jetty to Henley Beach Jetty then returning along the beach.
    It felt good to be running in a small pack as we passed plenty of other runners coming the other way.
    It still seems to me that the runners we passed going in the opposite way have more of a grimace on their faces rather than looking happy with being out running
    As we were all experienced at barefoot running there were no issues of correct technique as we silently padded along the path.
    I am always surprised by the lack of curiosity shown by other runners in why we are running barefoot and inquiring about giving it a try
    I am looking forward to taking part in Zac's MovNat training in the future as I believe it will be a good complement to barefoot running.

    After the run it was time to head to the local cafe for some coffees and breakfast. Even though the sun was shining, once in the shade the temperature was only around 13C so was pretty chilly.
    Zac, Michael, David and Cathy at Grange Jetty at the end of the run


    Zac, Michael, David and Neil at Grange Jetty at the end of the run

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  4. Barefoot TJ Administrator
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    Sounds like a nice day and a nice run. Thanks for sharing!


  5. kalipyjamas Barefooters
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    Well done you guys!!


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