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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by ETThompson, Apr 2, 2011.

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    Hi Runners,

    I am relocating to Afghanistan to train the defense forces. Would anyone like to take over as the Las Vegas Chapter President?


    E T Thompson


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    Has anyone taken over, any group runs planned or any BFR living downtown Las Vegas? I am in town for the week and would love to get some runs in!

    Barefoot Jim


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    Not yet as far as I know. Hope you have fun during your visit. I live in the far far suburbia and will be kinda busy this whole week, but always glad for visitors :) I would recommend doing it early morning or late afternoon to beat the ground heat unless you're one of those with teflon soles like my sister used to have back in the day. Had some rain lately so debris and vegetation kinda moved around and is still in the cleanup stages around town. Sunset Park is almost back to normal. Not sure where you'll be, but the western to northwestern part of the city got flooded pretty good. Parks/trails in those area might be pretty soggy. Then again, everything dries out within a day or so.

    John T.

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