Currently wearing New Balance Minimus wt10's.... what to try next?

Discussion in 'Gear & Footwear' started by geekmom, Mar 9, 2014.

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    I am currently running in (I'm a beginner, first 5k yesterday woot!) New Balance minimus wt10's... they were bought on a whim and I kind of love them. I mainly run on paved trails/roads and am looking for a second pair of shoes to add to my collection. I ordered a pair of Brooks Puredrift and find them to be too cushiony with the insole and too big in the toe box without. Comfortable shoe possibly for upcoming disney walking, but I don't think they will work for running for me.

    Should I stick with New Balance? I can try the road version of the ones I currently have (wr10v2), new balance zeroes, merrell road gloves....

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    I found the fit of the New Balance minimus and Merrell barefoots very identical having both the mt10s and pace gloves. Both have curved lasts and about the same taper in the toebox along with toespring . Great choice for those who are trying to transition out of conventional shoes because both brands have different levels of heel pitch/drop. A few of the styles can even be worn in winter in northern climates because of being water and/or slip resistant.

    Either of these brands look like they would be good for running if your foot structure matches both the curved arch and toe taper/spring. I use the shoes only for light casual use and biking because the curved last doesn't match my foot right due to needing to size up to get enough width in the toebox. Found the Altra brand works better with my foot shape for running due to having a straighter last and toebox.
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    bf is the best thing to try. ;)

    if you have to try shoes then the best thing is try them on. it doesn't as much matter what others think if it doesn't fit.


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    I might recommend trying sandals like Lunas or Bedrock or Unshoes if you want, but really it's all up to what feels good and right for you. If your NB shoes feel good, why potentially mess up a good thing?
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    I got merrell barefoot trail glove for on-off road running and New Balance Minimus 10v2 road for purely road running.
    And for some occasions, I run barefoot.

    NB minimus series has a minimal cushion and enough ground feel for your foot to keep moving. The only thing that differs them from most thin soled ones (4-6mm) is the armor of the outsole.


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