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Discussion in 'Mileage Reporting' started by Barefoot TJ, Jul 31, 2011.

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    I think I gave TJ my info via

    I think I gave TJ my info via email, but wanted to add my pitiful milage report to the list here.

    649 miles, total. (I actually wrote down every run and tallied them weekly and monthly. A first time for everything!)

    525 BF (or so. I don't remember what I wrote down. I ran a lot of races in my Bikilas this year.)

    My goal is to get in more BF races and to get faster on these trail runs. Some guys, even older guys, somehow are able to run these pretty technical trail races faster than I can run on the flat. Maybe I can do 100 ups and train to the point where I just can manage to get up the hills without walking.

    Oh, and I hope to run my first Marathon since 1984. I'm looking at a fast, flat course race in later May in York, PA.

    Joy to all in the new year!

    And DNEChris, good running! That's an aveage of 8 or 9 miles a day, every day. Oy!


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    JosephTree wrote:And

    Thanks JT!

    I have to get to work - right?


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    Just totalled up last

    Just totalled up last year:

    812 miles

    806 barefoot

    Damn, Chaser... You just missed...
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    My, I completely forgot about

    My, I completely forgot about this.

    I had 1200 BF miles

    18 VFF miles.

    That's all I got.


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    627.20 VFF miles for 2011...................


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