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Jun 4, 2014
    1. Floydfooted
      Hey, miker! I am new to this website and new tk oklahoma. I wondered if you knew of any other barefooters in the tulsa area? Thanks!
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  • After running the Tulsa Run (9.3 mi)on 10/31, I knew my feet wouldn't be able to take the abuse that a 1/2 marathon would cause....
    miker, Nov 23, 2010
    So after the 6 mile run that I lost the bet with myself on, I signed up for the Tulsa Run. It is a 15K road race that I decided...
    miker, Nov 2, 2010
    Yesterday, I made a deal with myself...if I can run 6 miles on pavement, and not get any blisters, I'll sign up and run a 9K road...
    miker, Oct 11, 2010
    Yeah, yeah, I know...too much too soon. :( I was having another one of those weeks where I didn't get a chance to run much (read...
    miker, Sep 21, 2010
    "What the hell did you do to me! Ive got two bloody stumps stuck in my loafers and I'm on my way to work..." That was the first...
    miker, Aug 19, 2010
    Well, yesterday it had been one week since I ran. I walked all week on my driveway @ home, which is mixed sizes of gravel. Hurts...
    miker, Aug 15, 2010