Aug 28, 2011
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I am here to bear witness: Yesterday am: walking in VFFs, twingy knee, took OFF VFFs, twinge went away instantly! Feb 5, 2013

    1. Gidds
      I am here to bear witness: Yesterday am: walking in VFFs, twingy knee, took OFF VFFs, twinge went away instantly!
    2. Gidds
      Hiked ~3ish miles COMPLETELY ( ;-) Achuah ) barefoot last week
    3. Gidds
      Observation of the day: the wonky foot mostly straightens itself when running bare or in socks. *grumbles at all footwear*
    4. Gidds
      Attempting to make paleo brownies. I don't think this will be successful. Already broke the blender & spilled coconut all over the floor.
    5. Gidds
      75 miles to go until 500! :)
    6. Gidds
      Attempted to make mulled wine with leftover port. I think I have made cough syrup instead.
    7. Gidds
      Getting ready to make Mrs. Clawhammer's cranberries with port!
    8. Gidds
      is thawing the duck. That's right: a DUCK! I hate turkey, carbs, and black Friday! Bah humbug..
    9. Gidds
      hates kids, smiling, sunshine, and puppies!
    10. Gidds
      Lots of bf running in Twilight apparently...
    11. Gidds
      Watching Twilight. Forgot about the barefoot evil ginger vampyress running from the cops
    12. Gidds
      Snooping around in the France Chapter attempting to rehabilitate my French...
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    13. Gidds
      Thank you veterans! By the way you & active military get into FL state parks free today (should be every day).
    14. Gidds
      7.76 miles done!
    15. Gidds
      getting ready for a 7-10 mile vff hike!
    16. Gidds
      Has new vivobarefoot hiking boots!
    17. Gidds
      No sock walk today, VFFs instead
    18. Gidds
      The sock walks are improving and I am learning stuff...
    19. Gidds
      Did another sock walk this morning & starting to get a better understanding of the problem w/ the right leg.
    20. Gidds
      *whines* it's too hot for November!
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    Because it works for me!

    In 2011 I was diagnosed with precancerous cervical lesions due to an HPV infection. I had a biopsy and fortunately my lesions did not progress to cervical cancer. One year later in 2012, on the anniversary of my biopsy, I finished a 5k race in VFFs. Ladies please educate yourselves about HPV and cervical cancer prevention.


    I am not a runner, nor an athlete, in fact I am an Amazon trapped in a wimpy body with very unfortunate natural biomechanics. I got some VFFs in 2010 because I thought the toes were neat, then I found out that crazy people wear them to run. Pfffft. I wasn't going to do that, my running days were looong over. Then I got caught in a thunderstorm out in the woods and decided running in VFFs was preferable to getting zapped. It didn't hurt to run! Hmmmm wait a minute.
    Then I read some stuff on the Internet. Then I came here. Then I decided to wear zero drop shoes 100% of the time that shoes are a requirement. Now I can a.) actually run b.) find that doing it completely barefoot is the best way for me. It doesn't hurt to run and it's actually a lot easier than it ever was before. I have a long way to go but I have also come a long way.
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